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The private owned Ablacher See can be exclusively used by our camping guests for swimming and bathing and has an excellent quality in water.  The entire lake and extended parts of the shore are natural reserve.


For indoor bathing and wellness you will find another three opportunities in Bad SaulgauBad Buchau and the Spa in Überlingen. Sauna, whirlpool and steam bath will complete the relaxation program.


Fishing enthusiasts and holders of a fishing license among our camping guests can buy day fishing passes at the reception.
Just a few kilometers away in Mengen you can expect two more fishing lakes (the Waller / Karpfensee and the Zander / Forellensee both part of the Zielfinger Seen) with an excellent fish stock for which you can buy online fishing licenses here.


Those who like it more being placid with nature are recommended to go on an extended canoeing tour on the Danube. The Danube is one of the most popular canoe and paddle rivers in Germany. The backdrop is imposing rock faces, untouched nature and numerous sights such as castles and palaces.

Canoes can be rented from various providers who also offer a shuttle service.

Discovering nature

A beautiful view of the diverse nature on site offers a walk around the Ablacher See.
Since 2013, there is also a guided circuit with benches, nesting boxes, insect hotel and nature observation tower in the shores of the Ablach. In addition to two entrance panels, numerous information boards provide information about the flora and fauna, in particular the birds and fishes living in/at the lake.


In the immediate vicinity of the lake is the Fürstliche Park Krauchenwies with its hunting lodge of the Prince of Hohenzollern built in the 19th century. This landscaped park, modeled after English landscaped gardens, invites you for a walk with its bright meadows and its lovely lakes with bridges and old trees.

If you want, continue your walk through the Wildlife Park Josefslust with enclosures for dam, black and red deer.


The Danube Valley and the Upper Danube Nature Park form the backdrop for numerous spectacular hikes.

5 hiking trails, the DonauFelsenLäufe, have recently been awarded as premium hiking trails. They are well signposted, 6 to 13 km long and lead you through picturesque river valleys, blooming meadows, deep forests or up to magnificent viewpoints.


In the Upper Danube nature park 5ooo km of trails are waiting to be discovered by you. You will get tour descriptions and hiking routes at the reception.

The Upper Danube valley offers many climbing possibilities with impressing views.


Seencamping Krauchenwies is a wonderful base for long bike rides.

A 40 km long lake tour takes you from Lake Ablach via Inzighofen with the Devil’s Bridge, Sigmaringen and Sigmaringendorf back to Krauchenwies. Possible refreshment stops are the Schlosscafé in Sigmaringen, the Rinderwirt in Sigmaringendorf or the Haus am See in Zielfingen.

Especially family-friendly is a 30 km long bike ride over Sigmaringen, past the adventure playground in Sigmaringendorf and the Gaggli Nudelhaus in Mengen. Children can relax in the ice cream parlor Dolomiti in Sigmaringen or in the café Domus at the Roman Museum in Mengen-Ennetach.


The Danube-Lake Constance route leads you directly along the campsite, where you can cycle to the upper Danube valley a few kilometers away. To Lake Constance it is 40 km from our campsite. At the reception you will get biking maps, repair kits for bikes and many other useful tools.

Since this season, Seencamping has an e-bike station. It offers the possibility to charge 4 e-bikes at the same time.

Monasteries, castles and palaces

The Zollernalb is one of the richest areas in Germany in terms of castles and monuments. Culture can be experienced everywhere. Attractions worth visiting nearby are the conspicuous Burg Hohenzollern, Sigmaringen with its castle only 9 km away and Kloster Beuron (monastery).

Visiting Lake Constance

Many other attractions you will find around the Lake Constance only 40 km away. Take a day trip to Constance or Meersburg, visit the monkey mountain in Salem or the stilt houses in Unteruhldingen or let yourself be enchanted by the flower island Mainau.

Campus Galli

A quarter of an hour away from the lake camping, medieval times can be experienced up close. In a forest near Meßkirch artisans and volunteers use the means of the 9th century to create a monastery town called Campus Galli, without any machines or electricity. You can take part in guided tours of the various construction sites or tackle it yourself: work wood, forge, weave baskets or make ropes. Escape the hustle and bustle of the 21st century and rediscover the slowness of being – an exciting day is ahead of you.

Open-air museum Neuhausen ob Eck

The open-air museum in Neuhausen ob Eck also brings the past back to life. The museum village includes 25 historic buildings which were dismantled at their original location and rebuilt in the museum true to original. The houses come from the region and help to experience lifes of earlier times and their inhabitants on a walk through the village or at one of the many craft and technology demonstrations. Afterwards, you can relax in the museum restaurant.


All those who would like to enjoy the Swabian Alb from above are invited by the gliding and motor airfields in Albstadt-Degerfeld to take off and enjoy. The LSV Degerfeld offers a wide variety of aerial sports, from gliding to motor planes and balloon flights.


Friends of the golfing sport will feel like being at home on the Seenamping Krauchenwies.
At last 6 golf courses are nearby the campsite, e.g. in Bad SaulgauBad WaldseeOwingenDeggenhausertal and the golf course Sigmaringen Zollern-Alb with 18 holes.

More information

More information about the leisure activities in the area can be found here.

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