Pitches for motorhomes and caravans

Tourist camping

We offer 53 pitches for motorhomes and caravans.

The pitches are generously sized with 80 – 95 m² and are also suitable for large motorhomes.

The ground is grass gravel, the driveways are wide and provide enough space to maneuver.

On the pitches you have electrical hook-ups and water connection, payable by flat (comfort) or coins (eco). The supply and disposal station is located at the entrance of the motorhome parking.

Of course, all campsite facilities are at your disposal.

Another 24 pitches for motorhomes are available on our motorhome parking outside the campsite.

Permanent Camping

For permanent campers we offer pitches with water and electrical hook-up.


Entrance campsite


Entrance Motorhome Parking


Permanent camper area

Ablacher Straße 4
72505 Krauchenwies

+49 (0)7576 / 96 15 706

+49 (0)174 / 101 3478


Well maintained

Great campsite, with a refreshing bathing lake. The complex is located between two picturesque villages and is well maintained.

Sascha Hermann, July 2018
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